Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice

Fourth Edition

Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris

Details: 475 pages, B&W, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-339-5

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Release Date: 11/15/2021

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Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice, Fourth Edition continues to be a beloved resource for singers and their teachers, speech-language pathologists, and laryngologists and an adopted text for instructors and students in voice, singing, and performing arts courses. Janice  L. Chapman is able to draw on her experiences as a singer with some of the world's leading opera companies to present a teaching technique specifically focusing on voice in the areas of classical and opera singing. Interspersed with the concepts and components of Chapman's methods are vignettes from her life and career, animated by her conversational and vibrant style to guide (and entertain) the reader through the book in a step-by-step fashion.

The philosophy of teaching presented combines three main facets: Holistic, Physiological, and Incremental. The Holistic segment emphasizes that the act of singing involves the whole person (i.e., body, mind, spirit, emotion, and voice); the Physiological segment stresses anatomy, muscular function, and effects of muscular interactions so that students and teachers alike can understand and visualize the functional workings of the torso, larynx, and the vocal tract and their impact on good singing practices; and the Incremental section shows that the act of singing and the teaching of singing can be broken down into manageable components that have a natural hierarchy that eventually interact and interlock. This teaching model provides a framework to master one element at a time, with the resulting effect of a complete and integrated mastery of technique. Chapman recommends this framework for rehabilitative work with the dysfunctional singer, for working with the developing singer, and for the ongoing development and maintenance of the technically able professional singer.

New to the Fourth Edition

  • New editor and co-author, Ron Morris, BSpThy (Hons); MMusStud (Voice), MSPAA, MASA (CC), PhD
  • The addition of completely new chapters on Laryngeal Registration, Vocal Acoustics and Acoustic Registration
  • Clarifications and exercises by Dr. Ron Morris on the use of the Accent Method breathing as a highly effective remedial and training technique
  • Expanded and updated information on Breathing and Support, Vocal Acoustics, Registers (Laryngeal and Acoustic), Teaching and Learning, Hearing and Singing, and Manual Therapy
  • Exercises have been significantly expanded and now are contained in a chapter of their own, which includes some information on lesson structure and practice
  • Significant updates reflect the current state of research and the latest advances in voice science and pedagogy have been referenced throughout
  • A new glossary has been added for ease of reading and clarification of pedagogical terms used in the text

Key Features

  • Case studies
  • Evidence- based and practical examples
  • Exercises
  • Contributions from some of the world's best-known voice professionals
  • Highly readable writing style suitable for teachers of singing and singers at all levels
  • A PluralPlus companion website with supplemental videos that demonstrate some of the exercises from the teaching model

Foreword to the First Edition

Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA

Preface to the Fourth Edition    

Janice L. Chapman & Ron Morris

Contributing Authors

Janice L. Chapman

1    Pedagogical Philosophy 

Janice L. Chapman

2    Primal Sound 

Janice L. Chapman

3    Postural Alignment 

Janice L. Chapman

4    Breathing and Support 

Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris, and James Platt

5    Phonation and the Speaking Voice 

Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris, and James Platt

 6    Laryngeal Registration

Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris, and James Platt

7    Resonance

Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris, and James Platt

8    Articulation 

Ron Morris and Janice L. Chapman

9    Applied Vocal Acoustics and Acoustic Registration

James Platt and David M. Howard

10    The Exercises

  Janice L. Chapman, Ron Morris, and James Platt

11    Artistry and Performance 

Janice L. Chapman

12    Working with the Professional Singer 

Janice L. Chapman

13    Voice and the Brain 

Pamela Davis 

14    Teaching and Learning with the Brain in Mind

Marilyn McCarthy

15    Reflective Practice and the Capabilities Profile for Singing Teachers

Marilyn McCarthy

16    Vocal and Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology 

John S. Rubin 

17    Hearing and Singing 

Adrian Fourcin and David M. Howard

18    Manual Therapy in the Management of Voice Disorders and a Conversation with Janice Chapman

Jacob Lieberman

19    From Performer to Pedagogue: A Multidisciplinary Route

Janice L. Chapman

Appendix 1. Priorities in Developing the Young Adult Classical Singer at Music College

Janice L. Chapman

Vocal Exercises Index
Glossary of Terms

Janice L. Chapman

Professor Janice L. Chapman, AUA, FGS, OAM, is a singing teacher of world renown. Born and educated in Australia, she won a number of major competitions, including The Sun Aria and the ABC Concerto and Vocal Competition, before migrating to the United Kingdom and winning the coveted Kathleen Ferrier Competition. She performed for, among others, the Royal Opera Covent Garden, English National Opera, Sadler's Wells Opera, Scottish and Welsh National Operas, and the English Opera Group, and appeared in broadcasts for the BBC and concerts and recitals worldwide. Her operatic roles included Aida, Abigaille, Countess (Figaro), Donna Anna, Vitellia, Elettra, Sieglinde, Third Norn, Leonore (Forza del Destino), Agathe, Lady Billows, Ellen Orford, and Mrs. Grose, and at Covent Garden, she created the role of Mrs. Julian in the world stage premiere of Britten's Owen Wingrave.

For many years, she has taught at the Royal Academy of Music, London College of Music, and is currently Professor of Voice at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In private practice, she works with many of the world's leading opera, concert, and recording artists, including singers who regularly travel from other countries for their lessons. She is also mentoring young singing teachers and developing a collaborative approach to the teaching of singing.

Her workload also includes rehabilitation of damaged voices referred by laryngologists and voice clinics, and she is known as a pioneer in the field of multidisciplinary work in vocal science and health. Her published articles and academic papers appear in journals in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Austria. In addition, she has given papers, lectures, masterclasses, and workshops at international voice conferences, universities, and music colleges. She was a founding member of the multidisciplinary British Voice Association and served as its chair for 5 years.

In recognition of her work in 2004, Janice was awarded the medal of the Order of Australia "for service to music as an operatic singer and teacher of voice, and as a contributor to research into human sound production and vocal health." In 2010, Janice was elected as a Fellow of the Guildhall School, London, and in 2012 as a Fellow of the British Voice Association.

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Ron Morris

 Ron Morris

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