Speech Sound Disorders in Children in Honor of Lawrence D. Shriberg

First Edition

Rhea Paul, Peter Flipsen Jr.

Details: 280 pages, B&W, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-249-2

© 2010 | Available

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Written in honor of Lawrence D. Shriberg, Speech Sound Disorders in Children covers a variety of perspectives and disciplines on the way in which children's speech sounds develop and the difficulties in both specific speech disorders and the speech of children with other primary disabilities.

  • Chapter 1. Childhood Speech Sound Disorders: From Post-Behaviorism to the Postgenomic Era
    Lawrence D. Shriberg
  • Chapter 2. Explaining Developmental Disorders
    Bruce Tomblin and Morton H. Christiansen
  • Chapter 3. Genetic Influences on Speech Sound Disorders
    Barbara A. Lewis, Ph.D.
  • Chapter 4. Subgroups, Comorbidity, and Treatment Implications
    Ann A. Tyler
  • Chapter 5. Children's Speech Sound Disorders: An Acoustic Perspective
    Raymond D. Kent, Luciana Pagan-Neves, Katherine C. Hustad, and Haydee Fiszein Wertzner
  • Chapter 6. Computer Processing for Analysis of Speech Disorders
    John-Paul Hosum
  • Chapter 7. Motor Speech Disorders in Children with Autism
    Shelley L. Velleman, Mary V. Andrianopoulos, Marcil Boucher, Jennifer Perkins, Keren Averback, Alyssa Currier, Michael Marsello, Courtney Lippe, and Richard Van Emmerik
  • Chapter 8. Acoustic Properties of Vocalizations in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Elizabeth Schoen, Rhea Paul, and Katyrzyna Chawarska
  • Chapter 9. Understanding Speech Sound change in Young children following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
    Thomas Campbell, Christine Dollaghan, and Janine Janosky
  • Chapter 10. Factors Associated with the Intelligibility of Conversational Speech Produced by Children with Cochlear Implants
    Peter Flipsen Jr.

Rhea Paul

Rhea Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP, is Professor Emerita at Southern Connecticut State University, and Professor and Director of the Communication Disorders Section of the Developmental Disabilities program at the Yale Child Study Center. She received her BA from Brandeis University in 1971, her Master’s degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1974, and her Ph.D. in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981. She is author of over 70 refereed journal articles, 30 book chapters, and seven books. She has been Principal Investigator on research projects on language disorders and autism funded by the National Institutes Health as well as private foundations. Dr. Paul has participated in a variety of expert panels and boards, has served as Vice President of both the Oregon and Connecticut State Speech-Language-Hearing Associations, and is President-Elect of the Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Winner of the National 1996 Editor’s Award of the AJSLP, Dr. Paul is a Fellow of ASHA.

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Peter Flipsen Jr.

Peter Flipsen Jr., PhD, S-LP(C), CCC-SLP obtained his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently a professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He is certified as a speech-language pathologist by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as well as Speech-Language and Audiology Canada. Dr. Flipsen is a licensed SLP in the state of Oregon. He is the author or co-author of over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and several invited papers and book chapters. He has presented his work at numerous state, national, and international conferences. His research interests are primarily in the area of speech sound disorders in children. He has served as a reviewer for over 20 different professional journals and previously served as Associate Editor for both the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools.

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