Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependence in Adults and Children: Learning Through Cases Studies

First Edition

Roxann Diez Gross, Kristin A. King

Details: 271 pages, Full Color, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-389-0

© 2023 | Available


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A Volume in Plural's Medical Speech-Language Pathology Book Series

The first of its kind, Tracheostomy and Ventilator Dependence in Adults and Children: Learning Through Case Studies provides clinicians, educators, and students in the fields of speech pathology, otolaryngology, nursing, and respiratory care with detailed descriptions of real-world interventions and treatment strategies. A wide variety of tracheostomy and ventilator dependency cases are presented, including congenital, acquired, and progressive illnesses; surgical cases; and COVID-19 pandemic case studies. The case studies also address both pediatrics and adults in many settings, such as outpatient, inpatient acute care and rehabilitation, ICU, and home care. Written in an engaging tone that focuses on the humans behind the diagnoses, the case studies offer a holistic approach that integrates what is known about physiology and treatment methods into the context of actual patients and their lives.

Heterogeneous, ever-changing, and highly complex, this patient population requires skillful and innovative approaches across disciplines. Readers may use this inspiring and educational text as a resource, selecting a case that is similar to one they are facing or may face in the future, which may ultimately help them navigate speech, phonation, vent weaning, and swallowing objectives for their own patients. Each case has a title indicating the primary diagnosis so that readers may easily choose cases that are relevant to their clinical practice or educational objectives. 

Sourced from speech pathologists, respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians from around the world, the well-rounded clinical perspectives in these challenging and thought-provoking case studies will facilitate learning and enhance the knowledge of health care professionals, thus helping to improve the care and outcomes of pediatric and adult patients with tracheostomy or ventilator dependence. The book may also be used to supplement academic coursework for health care professionals in fields such as medical speech-language pathology by providing real-world examples of patient care for problem-based learning.  

Key Features

  • Full-color clinical photographs featuring patients and interventions
  • Background information related to the specific issue and physiologic underpinnings
  • Case history of the patient, including the environment where treated
  • The problem to be solved or goal to be achieved
  • The decisions that led to the plan, treatment, or intervention
  • The logic, physiologic basis, or research behind the treatment/intervention strategies
  • Peer-reviewed references


"This book provides a functional perspective on the treatment and management of tracheostomy and ventilator dependence within the purview of practicing speech-language pathologists. Using case studies in a comprehensive manner and not straying from this learning methodology, this book succeeds in providing readers with a robust understanding of the management and care of patients who are tracheostomized and/or dependent on ventilation."
—Melissa Raymond, M.S. Speech Language Pathology (Biola University) in DOODY'S REVIEWS (October 2023)

Series Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction
Roxann Diez Gross and Kristin A. King

Chapter 2. Finding the Best-Fitting Tracheostomy Tube

Pediatric Tracheostomy Tube Selection
Nicolas S. Poupore, Lydia B. Redden, William W. Carroll, and Phayvanh P. Pecha

Case Study 2–1. Child With Scoliosis and Ventilator Dependence

Determining Appropriate Adult Tracheostomy Tubes
Salma Mohammed Al Sheibani, Subirendra Kumar, Aamir Khamis Al-Toubi, and Faisal Khamis Al Kalbani

Case Study 2–2. Person With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Respiratory Failure
Case Study 2–3. Person With Polytrauma After Vehicular Accident
Case Study 2–4. Person With Obese Neck
Case Study 2–5. Person With Tracheal Stenosis

Custom Tracheostomy Tubes: When Are They Indicated?
Priya D. Krishna

Case Study 2–6. Person With Morbid Obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Case Study 2–7. Person With Multiple Sclerosis
Case Study 2–8. Person With Goldenhar’s Syndrome

Chapter 3. Establishing Phonation and/or Verbal Communication in Challenging Patients Across Settings

Case Study 3–1. Use of a Speaking Valve in an Infant
Sameera Jameel Dehaithem

Case Study 3–2. Child With Traumatic Brain Injury Following Motor Vehicle Accident
Stephanie A. Waters
Case Study 3–3. Child With Laryngotracheal Reconstruction
Sarah Ladd Greer and Rosemary Chandy Patel
Case Study 3–4. Premature Infant Born at 24 Weeks' Gestation
Elizabeth C. Nash and Daniel J. Tweedie
Case Study 3–5. Adult With Muscular Dystrophy
Brooke M. Baumann and Dana Novotny
Case Study 3–6. Adult With Airway Obstruction
Kimberly A. Eichhorn
Case Study 3–7. Adult With Pentaplegia
Marta Kazandjian and Karen Dikeman
Case Study 3–8. Adult With Head and Neck Cancer and Spinal Cord Injury
Ruth Mulcahy, Margaret Mary Smith, Rob Plant, and Seamus O’Reilly
Case Study 3–9. Adult With West Nile Virus
Mary Spremulli

Chapter 4. Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Function

Case Study 4–1. Infant With Complex Injuries After a Motor Vehicle Accident
Katy Peck
Case Study 4–2. Brainstem Stroke and Dysphagia
Laura Brooks
Case Study 4–3. Adult With Respiratory Failure
Robert Masterson and R. Brynn Jones-Rastelli
Case Study 4–4. Prolonged Critical Illness: Dysphagia
Candice Devlin and Rory O’Bryan

Chapter 5. Patients With Ventilator Dependence

Case Study 5–1. Premature Infant Born at 23 Weeks' Gestation
Raquel Garcia
Case Study 5–2. Premature Infant Born at 27 Weeks Gestation
Christopher D. Baker, Arwen Jackson, and Shaunda Eady Harendt
Case Study 5–3. Teen With Acute Flaccid Myelitis/Transverse Myelitis
Jennifer Hathorn
Case Study 5‒4. Child With Apert Syndrome
Michelle Bernabeo and Jessica Shaw
Case Study 5–5. Adult With Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Kathryn Genoa-Obradovich
Case Study 5–6. Adult Surgical Management of Metastatic Lung Cancer
Amy Freeman-Sanderson and Katherine Morris
Case Study 5–7. Adult With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Anna-Liisa Sutt, Lawrence R. Caruana, and John F. Fraser

Chapter 6. Ventilator Weaning

Case Study 6–1. Teen With Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Kathryn DeMarco and Stephany Kunzweiler
Case Study 6–2. Severe Inhalational Burn Injury
Nicola A. Clayton
Case Study 6–3. Adult With COVID-19
Ann M. Komer

Chapter 7. Unique and/or Off-Label Interventions

Case Study 7–1. Use of a Modified Speaking Valve in an Infant
Zelda Greene, Siobhan Fitzgerald, Redentor Prudente, Philip Harnett, Sheila Javadpour, and John Russell
Case Study 7–2. Combining Leak Speech With Speaking Attachment
Janice T. Buziak-Smith

Chapter 8. Decannulation

Case Study 8‒1. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to Home: Road to Decannulation
Kimberly Comer Donner
Case Study 8–2. Adult With Bilateral Vocal Fold Immobility
Courtney Tipton and Ashli O’Rourke
Case Study 8–3. Adult With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Ulrike Frank

Chapter 9. Education That Made a Difference

Case Study 9–1. Infant With Subglottic Stenosis
Kimberly Morris
Case Study 9–2. Adult With Large Subglottic Lesion
Heather M. Starmer

Roxann Diez Gross

Roxann Diez Gross, PhD, CCC-SLP, F-ASHA, has been a speech-language pathologist for over 35 years. Her clinical practice has been focused in the area of dysphagia with extensive work devoted to patients with tracheostomy and ventilator dependence. She has also served as principal investigator on several research grants that she has been awarded. Her research in the area of respiratory and swallowing interactions has resulted in multiple peer-reviewed and invited publications, as well as frequent invitations to lecture both nationally and internationally.

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Kristin A. King

With over 25 years of experience in medical, academic, and industry settings, Kristin A. King, PhD, CCC-SLP, brings a unique perspective to medical speech-language pathology. With a focus on neurological disease processes, her research and teachings have investigated traumatic brain injury, swallowing disorders, and aspects of critical care (tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation).  She regularly speaks both domestically and internationally, publishes in peer-reviewed journals, and publishes frequently in clinical journals. She also has acted as an expert witness on these same topics.

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