Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource Manual

Seventh Edition

Kenneth G. Shipley
Julie G. McAfee

Goal Setting in Speech-Language Pathology: A Guide to Clinical Reasoning

First Edition

Casey Taliancich-Klinger
Angela J. Kennedy
Catherine Torrington Eaton

Dysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning Workbook: A Team Approach

Fifth Edition

Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer
Rebecca Leonard

German for Singers: A Textbook of Diction and Phonetics

Third Edition

William Odom
Benno Schollum
Christina Balsam Curren

Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders: An Integrated Clinical Approach

First Edition

Jerry K. Hoepner
Margaret Lehman Blake

Speech Sound Disorders: For Class and Clinic

Fifth Edition

Ken M. Bleile

Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders

Fifth Edition

Walter H. Manning
Anthony DiLollo

Cognitive Communication Disorders

Fourth Edition

Michael L. Kimbarow
Sarah E. Wallace

Dysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning: A Team Approach

Fifth Edition

Rebecca Leonard
Katherine Kendall

Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice: A Transcription and Application Workbook

Second Edition

Kathy J. Jakielski
Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann

Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Sixth Edition

Melanie W. Hudson
Mark DeRuiter

Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice

Second Edition

Kathy J. Jakielski
Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language, and Hearing

First Edition

Glen M. Tellis
M. Hunter Manasco

The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by Example

Second Edition

Shelly S. Chabon
Ellen R. Cohn
Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Medical Speech-Language Pathology Across the Care Continuum: An Introduction

First Edition

Alex F. Johnson
Barbara H. Jacobson
Megan E. Schliep
Bridget J. Perry

Speech-Language Pathology Assistants: A Resource Manual

Third Edition

Jennifer A. Ostergren
Margaret Vento-Wilson

The Development of Language

Tenth Edition

Jean Berko Gleason
Nan Bernstein Ratner

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