Pediatric Audiology

Educational Audiology Handbook

Third Edition

Cheryl DeConde Johnson
Jane B. Seaton

Manual of Pediatric Balance Disorders

Second Edition

Robert C. O'Reilly
Thierry Morlet
Jacob R. Brodsky
Sharon L. Cushing

Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management, and Treatment.

Third Edition

Donna Geffner
Deborah Ross-Swain

Pediatric Amplification: Enhancing Auditory Access

First Edition

Ryan W. McCreery
Elizabeth A. Walker

Clinical Management of Children With Cochlear Implants

Second Edition

Laurie S. Eisenberg

Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology

Second Edition

Anne Marie Tharpe
Richard Seewald

Hearing in Children

Sixth Edition

Jerry L. Northern
Marion P. Downs

Assessing Middle Ear Function in Infants

First Edition

Joseph Kei
Fei Zhao

Newborn Screening Systems: The Complete Perspective

First Edition

Carlie Driscoll
Bradley McPherson

Foundations of Pediatric Audiology

First Edition

Fred H. Bess
Judith Gravel