Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment: Evaluation of Candidacy, Performance, and Outcomes

Second Edition

René H. Gifford

Details: 189 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-128-5

© 2020 | Available

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A Volume in the Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology Series

This updated second edition of Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment, Evaluation of Candidacy, Performance, and Outcomes, Second Edition is an instrumental reference for clinicians working with cochlear implant recipients and graduate students in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. The content of the text is logically organized, and begins with necessary background information for cochlear implant candidacy and the selection process. Later chapters provide information on assessment of implant candidacy, postoperative assessment of performance over the long term, and possibilities for future research and understanding.

Though Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment, Second Edition contains useful information for even the most seasoned clinicians, it will serve an especially important role in the education and training of students and clinicians being introduced to cochlear implant clinical practice. Having an experienced audiologist and speech-language pathologist authoring this work unites the inter-disciplinary nature of this practice.

New to the Second Edition

  • Up-to-date research guiding candidacy and outcomes assessment—particularly relevant for cases of hearing preservation, determining bilateral CI candidacy, bimodal hearing, and assessment of the nontraditional cochlear implant candidate
  • Assessment of candidacy and postoperative outcomes for individuals with unilateral deafness
  • Assessment of non-English-speaking patients
  • Role of imaging in device selection and postoperative assessment 
  • Access to a PluralPlus companion website with related files and printable forms

20Q: Combining Electric and Acoustic Hearing - Hearing Preservation and Bimodal Listening

Read René Gifford's interview with Gus Mueller from AudiologyOnline here.


"This is truly an excellent, and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of hearing healthcare with respect to subjects with cochlear implants (CI). The book (as its full title indicates) covers evaluation of candidacy, performance, and outcomes. This is an updated (2nd) edition with new  guidance and discussion on important issues such as hearing preservation, bimodal hearing, and cochlear implantation in single-sided deafness. [...]
When I compare the CI scene 30 years ago with today, so much has changed. We have new devices, the establishment of infant/newborn hearing screening programs, bilateral CI, bimodal aiding, etc. Clearly, an updated guide for all of those involved in cochlear implantation is absolutely necessary, and this has been fully achieved by Dr. Gifford.
There are a number of guideline texts and book chapters relating to specific aspects of CI, or written for particular healthcare professionals. But this text from Gifford brings much of this information together, for all involved and to benefit of a wider audience. As a seasoned academic involved in CI for 4 decades, I have learned new ideas from this book. That said, I highly recommend it."
—Robert V. Harrison, PhD, DSc & Justin T. Lui, MD, FRCSC, in Canadian Audiologst (Vol. 7, Issue 6, 2020)

"The surgical approach is explained in a manner accessible to any member of the team, whether wielding a drill or not, but the chapter then offers detailed discussion of the challenges of varied cochlear length, shape, or orientation in the temporal bone. There is excellent coverage of ‘suboptimal outcomes’, a nice phrase I feel, for problems such as tip fold-over, scalar translocation, lateralisation or shallow insertion. There is advice regarding their detection and correction. The author stresses the role of post-operative imaging, if only for personal quality control, and of per-operative electrophysiological testing. I was most impressed by the topicality of the references cited here (and elsewhere indeed), which were as recent as 2018 or 2019."
—Liam M. Flood, FRCS, FRCSI, in Journal of Laryngology & Otology (December 2020)

"The second edition of Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment aims to become a point of reference for all professionals involved in assessing cochlear implant candidacy and interested in broadening their knowledge to maximise the hearing capabilities of their patients.
This book offers the reader a chance to explore Gifford’s reflections and recommendations onto an often-overlooked topic. The strength of this book is its focus on everyday clinical practice and guided advice for local clinics to derive their own science-based protocols to suit their clinical needs. Professor Rene Gifford is the current Director of the Cochlear Implant Program at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center. She has published extensive peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and her special interests are in hearing preservation, electro-acoustic stimulation, preoperative prediction of postoperative outcomes and image guided programming.
This resource encompasses all aspects of candidacy, from funding and regulation to the different roles of the multidisciplinary team, including surgery and insights on new research. Included in the book is a companion website with access to sample protocols and test batteries. I particularly enjoyed reading about electrode array positioning and the consequences of mapping blindly without postoperative imaging, with advice on how to navigate this dilemma using new tools. The holistic vision to include input from a wider range of professionals such as clinical psychologist and imaging experts to drive the field of cochlear implantation forward was compelling. The degree of visual takeover of auditory cortical areas as a predictor of outcomes as part of cross-modal plasticity experiments was thought provoking. [...]
This book is a must-have resource for inquisitive clinicians and serves as a repository for concise summaries of up to date scientific publications."
—Unai Martinez de Estibariz, MSc, Audiology (Hearing and Balance) Centre & The Richard Ramsden Centre for Hearing Implants, Manchester Royal Infirmary, in ENT & Audiology News (January 2021)





Chapter 1. FDA Candidacy for Cochlear Implantation
René H. Gifford, Cedric Navarro, Patricia B. Macy, and Laura Blair


Chapter 2. Adult Cochlear Implant Candidate Selection
René H. Gifford


Chapter 3. Pediatric Cochlear Implant Candidate Selection
René H. Gifford


Chapter 4. Role of the Speech–Language Pathologist in the Assessment of Pediatric Cochlear Implant Candidacy
Emily Lund


Chapter 5. Cochlear Implant Surgery:  Clinical Implications of Variable Anatomy
Robert F. Labadie


Chapter 6. Nontraditional Candidates for Cochlear Implantation
René H. Gifford


Chapter 7. Elements of Postoperative Assessment in Adult Implant Recipients
René H. Gifford


Chapter 8. Elements of Postoperative Assessment: Pediatric Implant Recipients

René H. Gifford


Chapter 9. Role of the Speech–Language Pathologist and Teacher of the Deaf in the Postoperative Assessment of Children
Emily Lund

Chapter 10. Assessing Pre- and Postoperative Outcomes for Adults and Children: What Does the Future Hold and What Might We Be Missing?
René H. Gifford



René H. Gifford

René H. Gifford, PhD, CCC-A, is a Professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences with a joint appointment in the Department of Otolaryngology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She is the Director of the Cochlear Implant Program at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center in the Division of Audiology as well as the Director of the Cochlear Implant Research Laboratory. Her NIH-funded research investigates auditory function and spatial hearing as well as electrophysiologic correlates of auditory perception for adults and children with hearing loss using cochlear implants and hearing aids. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and delivered nearly 300 presentations around the world.  She was the 2015 recipient of the ASHA Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement as well as the 2017 recipient of the Vanderbilt Chancellor’s Award for Research, both awarded for her work in auditory outcomes following hearing preservation cochlear implantation. Dr. Gifford and her husband, Branden, are parents to three boys, Levi, Jacob, and Aidan.

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