Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation

Third Edition

Joseph J. Montano, Jaclyn B. Spitzer

Details: 610 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5"x11"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-143-8

© 2021 | Available

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Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation, Third Edition is an advanced textbook for doctoral level audiology students that focuses solely on adults with a completely international perspective. It is the only advanced text to meet the need for the high level of preparation required for doctoral level training. It is also an essential resource for practicing clinicians looking for a complete reference on the latest techniques and technologies.

With ever changing technology and new methodologies in client care, the third edition of Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation is a critical resource to audiology education. The book covers definitions of audiologic rehabilitation, an overview of the area, psychosocial impact of hearing loss, assessment strategies, current technologies, treatment methodologies, e-technologies, research needs, and special issues in audiologic rehabilitation. It has been deliberately structured to move the reader from introduction, to specific details of the specialty of audiologic rehabilitation, to providing insights into characteristics of this patient population, and thence to a framework for assessment and treatment of the impact of hearing loss.

New to the Third Edition

Thoroughly updated, this edition includes eight new chapters and revisions to nineteen chapters that include updated content, references, figures and tables. New topics include:

  • Hearing Health-Seeking Behavior
  • Social Factors in Hearing Aids
  • Improving Patient Adherence
  • Multimedia Educational Resources
  • Family-Centered Care
  • Patient Narratives in Audiology
  • E-health and M-health for Audiologic Rehabilitation
  • Community Outreach

Customizable PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors are accessible on a PluralPlus companion website. 

This edition welcomes contributions from new authors including: Abbey L. Berg, Melanie Ferguson, Stefan Launer, Alessia Paglialonga, Gabrielle Saunders, Nerina Scarinci, Gurjit Singh, Nancy Tye- Murray, Barbra Timmer, Emilie Zaslow, and a foreword by Arthur Boothroyd.


"This book builds a vivid picture of adult audiologic rehabilitation in the past, present and future. It considers a holistic view of hearing rehabilitation and introduces new research and ideas which I hope will shape hearing services of the future.

This book gives an abundance of new ideas to consider and incorporate into clinical practice – the clinical implications and the counselling examples provide excellent application of theory to practice. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 25 on vocational issues and hope texts like this will encourage a better quality of rehabilitation and support for D/deaf adults in the workplace. Chapter 26 on auditory and cognitive process is a must-read for audiologists – it serves as a good reminder that the audiogram does not tell the full story.

This book would be well suited to postgraduate students and/or experienced audiologists looking to improve and enhance their practice. Early career audiologists would need a hearing aid textbook alongside, to give them the all the information required for a rehabilitation clinical role. "

—Ann-Marie Dickinson, Royal Salford NHS Foundation Trust, in ENT & Audiology News (March 2021)

Foreword to the Third Edition by Arthur Boothroyd

Foreword to the Second Edition by Harry Levitt

Foreword to the First Edition by Mark Ross

Introduction: Goals and Topics by Joseph J. Montano and Jaclyn B. Spitzer




Part I. Developing a Knowledge Base: Introduction and Background


Chapter 1. History of Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation: Understanding the Past to Shape the Future

Patricia A. McCarthy and Jerome G. Alpiner

Chapter 2. Defining Audiologic Rehabilitation         

Joseph J. Montano     

Chapter 3. The International Classification of Functioning: Implications and Applications to Audiologic Rehabilitation

Jean-Pierre Gagné, Mary Beth Jennings, and Kenneth Southall

Chapter 4. The Sociological Effects of Stigma: Applications to People with an Acquired Hearing Loss

Kenneth Southall, Jean-Pierre Gagné, and Mary Beth Jennings

Chapter 5. Peer Support/Consumer Perspective

Samuel Trychin


Part II. Building the Audiologic Rehabilitation Plan


Chapter 6. Clinical Utility of Self Assessment

Kathleen M. Cienkowski

Chapter 7. Measuring Health-Related Quality of Life in Audiologic Rehabilitation

Harvey B. Abrams, Anna Marie Jilla, and Theresa Hnath Chisolm

Chapter 8. Hearing Help-Seeking Behavior

Gabrielle Saunders

Chapter 9. Audiological Assessment for Implantable Technologies 

Jaclyn B. Spitzer, Dean M. Mancuso, and Rachel A. Scheperle 

Chapter 10. Hearing Rehabilitation Reconsidered Through the Lens of Social Relationships

Gurjit Singh and Stefan Launer


Part III. The Rehabilitative Toolbox: Therapeutic Management


Chapter 11. Biopsychosocial Approaches to Audiologic Counseling: Patient-, Person-, Family-, Relationship-Centered Care

Sue Ann Erdman

Chapter 12. Improving Patient Adherence Perceived Importance, Comfort Rankings, and Decisional Scales

John Greer Clark

Chapter 13. The Role of Self-Efficacy in the Audiologic Rehabilitation Process

Sherri L. Smith

Chapter 14. Audiovisual Speech Perception and Speech Perception Training

Nancy Tye-Murray

Chapter 15. Knowledge is Power: Interactive Multimedia to Improve Outcomes in the Digital Age

Melanie Ferguson

Chapter 16. Family-Centered Care in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation

Nerina Scarinci

Chapter 17. Narratives and Text Media in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation

Abbey L. Berg and Emilie Zaslow

Chapter 18. Group Audiologic Rehabilitation for Adults: Current Practice and Future Directions

Jill E. Preminger and Laura N. Galloway

Chapter 19. Incorporating Communication Partners into the Audiologic Rehabilitation Process

Jill E. Preminger and Joseph J. Montano

Chapter 20. Communication Partnership Therapy in Audiologic Rehabilitation

Christopher Lind

Chapter 21. Advanced Practices: Assistive Technology in the Age of Smart Phones and Tablets

Linda M. Thibodeau

Chapter 22. Tinnitus Management

Craig W. Newman and Sharon A. Sandridge


Part IV. Expanding the Scope of Audiologic Rehabilitation: Special Issues


Chapter 23. E-health in Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation

Alessia Paglialonga

Chapter 24. One-to-One Speech Communication Training for Adults With Cochlear Implants

Geoff Plant

Chapter 25. Vocational Issues for Persons With Hearing Loss

Sophia E. Kramer and S. Theo Goverts

Chapter 26. Auditory and Cognitive Processing in Audiologic Rehabilitation

M. Kathleen Pichora-Fuller

Chapter 27. Evidence-Based Practice and Research Opportunities

Louise Hickson and Barbra Timmer



Joseph J. Montano

Joseph J. Montano, EdD, is a Professor of Audiology in Clinical Otolaryngology and Director of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian Hospital. He received his EdD in Audiology from Teacher's College Columbia University and his MA degree from New York University, and is certified in Audiology (CCC-A) through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). He is a Past-President of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Ida Institute, Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation (HRF) and Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (HEAR).

Prior to Weill Cornell, Dr. Montano was an Associate Professor at Long Island University/C.W. Post and a previous Director of the Department of Communication Disorders at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Montano's clinical expertise is in the area of audiologic rehabilitation with particular interest in adjustment to adult onset hearing loss, hearing assistive technology systems and hearing aids.


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Jaclyn B. Spitzer

Jaclyn B. Spitzer, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Clinical Audiology and Speech Pathology in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, New York.  She received her Masters of Audiology from Teachers College and her PhD from Columbia University.

Dr. Spitzer has authored over ninety articles in scientific journals, with a variety of interests, including diagnostic methods of central auditory processing and test development.  Since the 1980s, she has written extensively about the rehabilitative impact of bone anchored and cochlear implants.

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Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation, Third Edition comes with customizable PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors on a PluralPlus companion website.  

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