Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation: Serving Children and Adults with Hearing Loss

Third Edition

Raymond H. Hull

Details: 513 pages, 2-Color, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-114-8

© 2021 | Available

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Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation, Third Edition provides comprehensive preparation for future audiology and speech-language pathology professionals to serve children and adults with hearing loss. The information is presented in a logical and readable sequence by first introducing the nature of aural rehabilitation, and then discussing considerations for children, adults, and older adults with impaired hearing.

This thoroughly updated third edition includes the latest research and findings for each chapter topic: from hearing aid technology, non-hearing aid assistive technology, cochlear implant surgery and benefits, to techniques in speech and language development on behalf of children with impaired hearing and techniques for adult aural rehabilitation. Each chapter is authored by internationally recognized authorities on the topics of working with those with impaired hearing, hearing aids for children and adults, the influence of hearing impairment on communication, family counseling, educational management, cochlear implantation, and many others.

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation highlights the most important clinical and practical aspects of providing aural rehabilitation services, while avoiding the technical detail of theoretical texts.

Key Features

  • Contributions from more than 15 experts in the field of aural rehabilitation
  • Chapter outlines begin each chapter and highlight key topics
  • 15+ appendices with materials and scales for communication assessments

New to the Third Edition

  • All chapters have been significantly revised, including updated and expanded references
  • The latest information on cochlear implantation for children, surgical procedures and benefits, hearing aids, and non-hearing aid assistive listening devices
  • Updated end-of-chapter study questions 
  • Access to a PluralPlus companion website with PowerPoint lecture slides for each chapter provided to assist instructors in their teaching of the material


"This book is appropriate for students in audiology and speech-language pathology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It offers expert contributors for many chapters with the author contributing half of the chapters.
The book is divided into four parts: the nature of aural rehabilitation; aural (re) habilitation for children, aural rehabilitation for adults; and aural rehabilitation for older adults. Each chapter offers a listing of topics. Questions at the end of each chapter allow students to check their understanding, although answers are not provided. The blue headings used throughout the book are appealing and surprisingly helpful for navigation."
—Lori J. Newport, BA, MA, AuD (Biola University), in Doody's Reviews (August 2019)

"As the name indicates, this book deals with the bread and butter of audiologists or at least what should be our bread and butter. We work with changing people in changing environments, therefore, along with an acute understanding of technology, audiologists need to have a level of insight into the ‘human element’ of the job. That’s where this particular text comes in handy. The book is a great introduction to the nature and process of changing people’s lives by helping them hear better.
Given that this is the third edition of the initial text written a couple of decades ago - this material has clearly stood the test of time. The book is designed to be an introductory text for the students of audiology with detailed theoretical principles behind the different approaches of aural rehabilitation proposed in the book. It is really well written, simple and straightforward, which makes the content fairly portable and useful for students of other professions who may want to work with children and adults with hearing needs. This includes students from speech-language therapy, psychology, ontology, and specialist teachers in hearing etc.
There are just over 500 pages in the book, with 19 chapters and 16 appendices. The chapters cover mainly four separate themes of aural rehabilitation across the lifespan from children to younger and older adults. There is something for everyone, about everyone. Appendices include a list of very handy questionnaires that can be used in the clinic. At the end of the chapters, there are readymade short answer and multiple answer-type examination papers. No wonder this text has been so popular amongst the teachers! The questions are actually very insightful, and they really test your understanding of the topic in hand. There is a lot of good material on the topic that reflects the author’s grasp of theoretical and practical concepts."

—Jay Jindal, Consultant Audiologist, in ENT & Audiology News (July 2021)




PART I: The Nature of Aural Rehabilitation                       


Chapter 1. The Nature of Aural Rehabilitation                                 
Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 2. Introduction to Hearing Impairment and Hearing Disability

Jack Katz and Timothy C. Steele


Chapter 3. Introduction to Hearing Aids and Amplification Systems

Joseph J. Smaldino and Ayasakanta Rout


Chapter 4. Cochlear Implantation: Benefits and Process

Thomas C. Kryzer


PART II: Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation: Children Who Have Impaired Hearing


Chapter 5. Family Involvement and Counseling in Serving Children Who Possess Impaired Hearing

Dale V. Atkins


Chapter 6. Amplification for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Ryan W. McCreery


Chapter 7. Development of Listening and Language Skills in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Brittany Dorn and Arlene Stredler-Brown


Chapter 8. Speech Development for Children with Impaired Hearing

Brenda Chafin Seal


Chapter 9. Educational Management of Children with Impaired Hearing

Molly Lyon


PART III: Aural Rehabilitation: Adults Who Have Impaired Hearing


Chapter 10. Aural Rehabilitation for Adults: Theory and Process

Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 11. Counseling Adults with Hearing Loss

Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 12. Orientation to Hearing Aid Use for Adults

Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 13. Non-Hearing Aid Hearing Assistive Technology for Adults with Impaired Hearing

Joseph J. Smaldino and Ayasakanta Rout


Chapter 14. The Process of Aural Rehabilitation for Adults

Raymond H. Hull


PART IV: Considerations for Older Adults Who Have Impaired Hearing


Chapter 15. Influences of Aging on Older Adults

Judah L. Ronch and Jamie Jaegers


Chapter 16. Hearing in Aging: Causes, Incidence, and Impact

Gabrielle H. Saunders and Dawn Konrad-Martin


Chapter 17. The Influence of Impaired Hearing on Older Adults: A Dialogue

Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 18. Factors That Can Influence Hearing Aid Use by Older Adults

Raymond H. Hull


Chapter 19. The Process of Aural Rehabilitation for Older Adults in Health Care Facilities

Raymond H. Hull


APPENDICES: Materials and Scales for Assessment of Communication and Impact of Hearing Loss for Persons with Impaired Hearing

Appendix A: CID Everyday Speech Sentences

Appendix B: The Denver Scale Quick Test

Appendix C: The WSU Sentence Test of Speechreading Ability

Appendix D: Hearing Handicap Scale

Appendix E: The Denver Scale of Communication Function

Appendix F: Test of Actual Performance

Appendix G: The Hearing Measurement Scale

Appendix H: Profile Questionnaire for Rating Communicative Performance in a Home and Social Environment

Appendix I: The Denver Scale of Communication Function for Senior Citizens Living in Retirement Centers

Appendix J: WSU Communication Appraisal and Priorities Profile (CAPP)

Appendix K: The Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly

Appendix L: The Communication Profile for the Hearing Impaired

Appendix M: Communication Skill Scale

Appendix N: The Shortened Hearing-Aid Performance Inventory

Appendix O: Communication Scale for Older Adults (3-Point Response Format)

Appendix P: Hearing Beliefs Questionnaire (HBQ)



Raymond H. Hull

Raymond H. Hull, PhD is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Coordinator—Doctor of Audiology Program, College of Health Professions, Wichita State University, and CEO of "The Center for Communication Solutions".  He was Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders, University of Northern Colorado for twelve years; held administrative posts within the Graduate School, being responsible for Graduate Program Review and Evaluation both at UNC and Wichita State University for 8 years; was the Director of Planning and Budget for the Office of the President for seven successful years at the University of Northern Colorado.

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