Hearing Loss in Musicians: Prevention and Management

First Edition

Marshall Chasin

Details: 186 pages, B&W, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-181-5

© 2009 | Available

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The editor and contributors are all experts in their relative fields and work daily with professionals in the performing arts who are endangered by exposure to high-volume sound. Here they clearly present some of the anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism; medical problems associated with exposure to long-term, high volume sounds in the musical environment; and, in the bulk of the book, hearing protection and practical advice on preventive measures.

Douglas L. Beck, AuD, speaks with Dr. Chasin about hearing protection for musicians, spectral warping, and more in an interview in The Hearing Review. Read the article here.


"Marshall Chasin's latest offering is a very welcome and necessary publication ... An informative publication that belongs on the bookshelf of every hearing professional that comes in contact with musicians and provides the answers to many of the questions they pose about their most important instrument. Highly recommended."
Andy Shiach, Managing Director, Advanced Communication Solutions, Ltd., ENT & Audiology News (2010)

"The appendices are extremely helpful handouts for patients. ... An excellent source of information covering a wide range of topics from prevention through management of music-induced hearing loss and its symptoms. ... Chasin's many years of working with musicians gives him special insight into their specific needs."
Maris S. Appelbaum, Ear & Hearing (2010)

"Named to Doody's Core Titles in the Health Sciences 2013 list”
—Doody's (2013)

  • Foreword - Mead Killion
  1. Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians and Introduction to the Problem
    Marshall Chasin, AuD
  2. Overview of Anatomy and Physiology of the Peripheral Auditory System
    Richard J. Salvi, Ph.D, Edward Lobarinas, Ph.D., and Wei Sun, Ph.D.
  3. The Medical Aspects of Otlogic Damage from Noise in Muscians
    Kenneth Einhorn, MD
  4. Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, and Music
    Richard S. Tyler, Ph.D, Son-A Chang, Pan Tao, Stephanie Gogel, and Anne K. Gehringer
  5. Do Headphones Cause Hearing Loss? Risk of Music Induced Hearing Loss for the Music Consumer
    Brian Fligor, D.Sc
  6. Uniform Hearing Protection for Musicians
    Patricia Niquette, AuD
  7. Personal In-the-Ear Monitoring: The Audiologist's Role
    Michael Santucci, M.S
  8. Room and Stage Acoustics for Optimal Listening and Playing
    William J. Gastmeier, M.a.Sc., P.Eng
  9. Inexpensive Environmental Modifications
    Marshall Chasin, AuD
  10. Hearing Aids and Music
    Marshall Chasin, AuD
  11. Cochlear Implants and Music
    Hugh McDermott, Ph.D
  12. Music for the Audiologist
    Marshall Chasin, AuD and Doran Hayes, B. Mus., M.Sc.
  13. Human Performance Approach to Prevention: Occupational Darwinism
    John Chong, MD, B.a.Sc
  14. Toward a Functional Hearing Test for Muscians: The Probe Tone Method
    Frank Russo, Ph.D
  • Appendix A: Musical Note to Frequency Conversion Chart
  • Appendix B: Six MusiciansÂ’ Fact Sheets

Marshall Chasin

Marshall Chasin, AuD,MSc, Reg. CASLPO, Aud(C) is an Audiologist and the Director of Auditory Research at the Musicians' Clinics of Canada in Toronto, the Coordinator of Research at the Canadian Hearing Society, and the Director of Research at ListenUp Canada. He received his bachelors in Mathematics and Linguistics at the University of Toronto. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Faculty of Health Sciences (Audiology) at the University of Western Ontario, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto (in Linguistics) specializing in Acoustic Phonetics. Chasin has been involved with hearing and hearing aid assessment since 1981, having graduated with an M.Sc. from the University of British Columbia, and is the author of over 100 clinically based articles. In 2003, he obtained his AuD from the Arizona School of Health Sciences. Marshall has lectured extensively on implantable hearing aids, hearing aids, music and noise exposure, and is frequently on TV and radio (he's the good looking balding guy sometimes on Much Music).

Chasin has won several awards over the years including the 2003 Professional Leadership Award for clinical and research work with musicians and performing artists from the Audiology Foundation of America, the Eve Kassirer Award for outstanding professional achievement from CASLPA in 1991, and Honours of the Association from OSLA in 1999.

Chasin is the author of several books, including Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss (1996), CIC Handbook (1997), and Noise Control- A Primer (1999)-- all published by Singular Publishing Group, San Diego, CA, as well as Hear the Music, 2001, 2006.

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