Assessment/Diagnosis - Audiology


Basic Concepts of Clinical Electrophysiology in Audiology

First Edition

John D. Durrant
Cynthia G. Fowler
John A. Ferraro
Suzanne C. Purdy

Audiology Workbook

Fourth Edition

Steven Kramer
David K. Brown

Basic Audiometry Learning Manual

Third Edition

Mark DeRuiter
Virginia Ramachandran

Rapid Audiogram Interpretation: A Clinician's Manual

First Edition

Lane D. Squires
Beth Colombo
Samantha McKinney

Otoacoustic Emissions: Principles, Procedures, and Protocols

Second Edition

Sumitrajit Dhar
James W. Hall, III

Acoustic Immittance Measures: Basic and Advanced Practice

First Edition

Lisa L. Hunter
Navid Shahnaz

Assessing Middle Ear Function in Infants

First Edition

Joseph Kei
Fei Zhao

Speech Audiometry

First Edition

Gary D. Lawson
Mary Peterson

Human Auditory Evoked Potentials

First Edition

Terry Picton

Objective Assessment of Hearing

First Edition

James W. Hall, III
De Wet Swanepoel

Pure-Tone Audiometry and Masking

First Edition

Maureen Valente