Pediatric Voice: A Modern, Collaborative Approach to Care

First Edition

Lisa N. Kelchner
Susan Baker Brehm
Barbara D. Weinrich

Acquired Language Disorders: A Case-Based Approach

Second Edition

James M. Mancinelli
Evelyn R. Klein

Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology

First Edition

K. Todd Houston

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation

Second Edition

Raymond H. Hull

Here's How to Treat Dementia

First Edition

Jennifer L. Loehr
Megan L. Malone

Modern Hearing Aids: Pre-Fitting Testing and Selection Considerations

First Edition

H. Gustav Mueller
Todd A. Ricketts
Ruth Bentler

Choral Pedagogy

Third Edition

Brenda Smith
Robert T. Sataloff

Professional Communication in Audiology

First Edition

Virginia Ramachandran
Brad A. Stach

Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation

Second Edition

Joseph J. Montano
Jaclyn B. Spitzer

Acoustic Immittance Measures: Basic and Advanced Practice

First Edition

Lisa L. Hunter
Navid Shahnaz

Milestones: Normal Speech and Language Development Across the Life Span

Second Edition

John W. Oller, Jr.
Stephen D. Oller
Stacy Oller