The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by Example

Second Edition

Shelly S. Chabon, Ellen R. Cohn, Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Details: 563 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-409-5

© 2025 | Available

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The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by Example, Second Edition focuses on current issues and trends in speech-language pathology (SLP) clinical practice. New and advanced students as well as practitioners will benefit from this comprehensive collection of real-world examples provided by experienced clinicians and scholars. The cases follow an easy-to-understand structure that allows readers to accompany an SLP through the steps of evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of individuals with speech, language, swallowing, and hearing challenges and their families.

The clinical studies employ a holistic, person-first approach that considers the beliefs, values, lived experiences, and social contexts of patients throughout the lifespan. With a deep commitment to case-based learning, Shelly S. Chabon, Ellen R. Cohn, and Dorian Lee-Wilkerson have curated a valuable compendium of thought-provoking studies that encourage readers to think like clinicians, with empathy, understanding, and knowledge.

New to the Second Edition

  • New and updated cases to reflect current research and clinical practice 
  • Many new references in both the cases and online Instructor’s Manual
  • PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors

Key Features

  • A focus on conceptual knowledge areas
  • Comprehensive case histories from leading experts
  • Step-by-step explanations of diagnoses, treatment options, and outcomes
  • Basic and advanced learning objectives
  • Comprehension and analysis questions to evaluate understanding of case studies
  • Suggested activities and readings

PluralPlus Online Ancillary Materials

For Instructors: PowerPoint Slides, Test Bank, Instructor’s Manual with Suggested Activities, Case Analysis Questions, and Additional Suggested Readings. 

About the Editors
Casebook Songs

Making the Case for Case-Based Learning
Ellen R. Cohn, Shelly S. Chabon, and Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Part I
Infant or Toddler Cases


Case 1
Anne: Developing a Communication Assessment and Treatment Plan for a Toddler Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Special Considerations
Trisha L. Self and Terese Conrad


Case 2
Nancy: A Toddler With Cleft Lip and Palate: Early Therapy
Cynthia H. Jacobsen


Case 3
Ben: A Toddler With Delayed Speech and Developmental Milestones
Erin Redle Sizemore and Carolyn (Carney) Sotto


Case 4
Abby: The Move From Identification to Implantation for a Child With Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss Caused by a Connexin 26 Mutation
Cynthia McCormick Richburg and Erin Clark


Case 5
Jake: The Move From Early Intervention to Early Childhood Education for a Child With Fragile X Syndrome
Gail Harris-Schmidt


Case 6
Sybil: Prenatal Alcohol and/or Drug Exposure
Dorian Lee-Wilkerson and Gabriella Billups


Case 7
Nicole: Auditory and Neurocognitive Impact of Sickle Cell Disease in Early Childhood
Diane M. Scott


Case 8
Leona: Oromotor Entrainment Therapy to Develop Feeding Skills in the Preterm Infant
Steven M. Barlow, Meredith Harold, and Emily Zimmerman

Part II
Preschool Child Cases


Case 9
Kyle: To Clip or Not to Clip . . . What Is the Answer?
Ann W. Kummer


Case 10
Matthew: The Changing Picture of Childhood Apraxia of Speech: From Initial Symptoms to Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modifications
Diane Garcia


Case 11
Katie: An Augmentative and Alternative Communication Pathway to Desired Outcomes in Early Intervention
Carla Wood


Case 12
Cameron: Targeted Treatment for a Preschool Child With Developmental Language Disorder
Erin E. G. Lundblom and Danielle Brimo


Case 13
Bartolomeo “Bart”: A Bilingual Preschool Child
Mariateresa (Teri) H. Muñoz, Shelly S. Chabon, and Noma B. Anderson


Case 14
Lily: A Case Study of a Preschool Child Who Was Internationally Adopted
Jenny A. Roberts and Kathleen A. Scott


Case 15
Sarah: Submucous Cleft Palate and 22Q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: A Typical Case of Late Diagnosis
Ann W. Kummer


Case 16
Mateo: A Preschool Child Who Stutters
Kristin M. Pelczarski and J. Scott Yaruss


Case 17
Amy: Late Identification of Hearing Loss in an Underresourced Community
Paul M. Brueggeman


Case 18
Tessa: Preschool Child With Developmental Language Disorder
Kelley Nelson-Strouts, Tiffany P. Hogan, and Mindy S. Bridges


Case 19
Sam: Complex Disorder Traits in a 3-Year-Old Boy With a Severe Speech Sound Disorder
Beate Peter


Case 20
Noah: A Child With Developmental Language Delay Transitioning From Preschool to Kindergarten
Sue Grogan-Johnson

Part III
School-Age Child Cases


Case 21
Sarah: Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Differential Diagnosis and Evidence-Based Intervention
Kathy J. Jakielski


Case 22
David: Of Mouth and Mind: An Articulation and Phonological Disorder in a Young School-Age Child
Sue T. Hale and Lea Helen Evans


Case 23
Allie and Connor: School-Age Children With Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Deborah Moncrieff


Case 24
Rocky: AAC for a School-Age Child With Complex Communication Needs
Pamela Hart and Shatonda S. Jones


Case 25
Benny: A School-Age Child With an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Nerissa Hall and Christina Rizzo Tatreau


Case 26
Manuela: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: A Bilingual Child With a Phonological and Language Disorder
Brian A. Goldstein


Case 27
Alice: Diagnosing the Cause of Her Resonance Disorder
Robert J. Shprintzen, Karen J. Golding-Kushner, and Ellen R. Cohn


Case 28
Jon: Assessing and Supporting the Speech, Language, and Literacy Skills of a School-Age Child With Late Identified Hearing Loss
Wilder M. Roberts and Victoria S. Henbest


Case 29
Emily: Lidcombe Program to Treat Stuttering in a School-Age Child
Rosalee C. Shenker, Verity MacMillan, Stacey Sheedy, and Sally Hewat


Case 30
Paul: Treatment of Cluttering in a School-Age Child
Kathleen Scaler Scott and Kenneth O. St. Louis


Case 31
Archie: Using the Multisensory Syllabic Unit Approach to Treat the Fricative Productions of a Child With Moderate-to-Severe Hearing Loss
Sheila R. Pratt


Case 32
Jessica: A School-Age Child With Specific Language Impairment: A Case of Continuity
Amy L. Weiss and Michelle Flippin


Case 33
Kevin: A School-Age Child With Emotional Disturbance and Language-Learning Disabilities: Applying Written Language and Behavioral Support Interventions
Robyn A. Ziolkowski and Howard Goldstein


Case 34
Ana: Treating the Reading and Spelling Skills of a Bilingual Elementary-Age Student with Word-Level Literacy Deficits
Victoria S. Henbest, Lindsey Hiebert, and Shurita Thomas-Tate


Case 35
Josh and Steve: Enhancing Phonological and Literacy Skills in Twins With Highly Unintelligible Speech
Kathy H. Strattman, Barbara W. Hodson, and Karissa J. Marble-Flint


Case 36
Hannah: Dysphagia in the Schools: A Case Study
Emily M. Homer and Dorothy Kelly


Case 37
Adam: Vocal Cord Dysfunction in a Teenage Athlete
Gail B. Kempster

Part IV
Adult Cases


Case 38
Andrew: A Case of Primary Progressive Aphasia in the Later Stages of the Disease
Michael de Riesthal and Kiiya Shibata

Case 39
Betty: Cognitive-Communication Impairments in a Woman With Right Hemisphere Disorder
Scott R. Youmans

Case 40
Joel: A Case of Expressive Aphasia: Teletherapy Assessment and Multimodal Treatment With Visual Barriers
Linia Starlet Willis

Case 41
Deb: Increasing Participation for a Person With Severe, Chronic Aphasia Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Aimee Dietz, Miechelle McKelvey, Michele Schmerbauch, Kristy S. E. Weissling, and Karen Hux

Case 42
Faye: Acute Aphasia in Multiple Sclerosis
Brooke Hatfield and Suzanne Coyle


Case 43
Douglas: A Novel Combination Approach to Treating Apraxia of Speech
Julie A. G. Stierwalt and Joanne P. Lasker


Case 44
Thomas: An Adult With ALS Using AAC
Telina P. Caudill and Nerissa Hall


Case 45
George: An Autistic Adult Without Intellectual Disability: Language and Communication Challenges at Work
Diane L. Williams


Case 46
Dr. JN: An Adult Nonnative Speaker of English: High Proficiency
Amee P. Shah


Case 47
Ms. PW: An Adult Nonnative Speaker of English: Low Proficiency
Amee P. Shah


Case 48
Mrs. P: Screening, Assessment, and Cognitive-Linguistic Interventions for a Bilingual Adult With Dementia Secondary to Alzheimer’s Disease
Manaswita Dutta and Arpita Bose


Case 49
Jessica: Treatment of Stuttering for an Adult
Sue O’Brian, Mark Onslow, Ross G. Menzies, and Tamsen St Clare


Case 50
Joel: Management of a Patient With Advanced Head and Neck Cancer
Roxann Diez Gross


Case 51
Denise: Adult Auditory Rehabilitation: The Case of the Difficult Patient
Jessica R. Sullivan, Shamine Alves, and Darchayla Lewis


Case 52
Claude: Evaluation and Management of Vestibular Problems and Tinnitus Following Head Trauma
Richard A. Roberts


Case 53
Ella: Sudden Idiopathic SNHL: Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease
Lauraine L.


Case 54
Jack: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: A Work-Related Investigation
Deanna K. Meinke


Case 55
Mr. J: The Role of the SLP in Helping the Patient Through the Decision-Making Processes From Partial Laryngectomy to Total Laryngectomy With TEP
Tammy Wigginton and Jodelle F. Deem


Case 56
Janelle: Diagnosis and Management of Adult Dysphagia
Christina A. Baumgartner


Case 57
Neil: A Holistic Rehabilitation Approach for an Adult With Traumatic Brain Injury
Patricia Kearns, Janelle Johnson Ward, Karen Hux, and Jeff Snell


Case 58
Emily: Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in an Adolescent Girl: Neurological, Behavioral, or Anatomical in Origin?
Jeff Searl


Case 59
Catherine: Finding Catherine’s Voice
Leo Dunham

Case 60
Beth: Becoming Who You Are: A Voice and Communication Group Program for a Trans Woman Client
Sena Crutchley and Vicki McCready

Case 61
Teresa: Voice Therapy for an Elementary School Teacher With Vocal Fold Nodules
Judith Maige Wingate

Shelly S. Chabon

Shelly Chabon is Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Dean of Interdisciplinary General Education at Portland State University (PSU). Dr. Chabon formerly served as PSU’s Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and as Chair of, and a professor in, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. She is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), was the 2012 ASHA President and received Honors of the Association in 2021.

Dr. Chabon served as a member of several ASHA committees and Councils and as Chair of the ASHA Board of Ethics. She received several honors for her leadership and service including a Certificate of Recognition from the ASHA for Special Contributions in Higher Education, an Apple Award for an outstanding teacher, and the Dorothy Dreyer Award for Volunteerism.

Dr. Chabon authored/co-authored numerous articles and chapters, four books, and edited an Ethics journal. She currently provides leadership for collective bargaining negotiations, contract management with three academic unions, oversees the recruitment, development, and retention of academic personnel, and is responsible for creating and implementing leadership programs and training to support academic administrators and advance future leaders at PSU.

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Ellen R. Cohn

Ellen R. Cohn, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA-F, is a professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders, University of Pittsburgh. She teaches courses in cleft palate/craniofacial disorders, professional issues, culture, diversity and healthcare, and rhetoric and communication.

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Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Dorian Lee-Wilkerson, Ph.D., CCC/SLP is an associate professor in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Hampton University.  She has had over 30 years of clinical experience as a speech-language pathologist and higher education experience at an historically Black university.  Her research interests include scholarship of teaching and learning, cultural competence and childhood language disorders.  She is an ASHA Fellow ASHA STEP mentor.

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