Deaf / Hard of Hearing - Special Education

Auditory-Verbal Therapy: Science, Research, and Practice

First Edition

Warren Estabrooks
Helen McCaffrey Morrison
Karen MacIver-Lux

Educational Audiology Handbook

Third Edition

Cheryl DeConde Johnson
Jane B. Seaton

Assessing Listening and Spoken Language in Children with Hearing Loss

First Edition

Tamala S. Bradham
K. Todd Houston

The Deaf Child in a Hearing Family: Nurturing Development

First Edition

Arthur Boothroyd
Janice Gatty

Cued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

First Edition

Carol LaSasso
Kelly Lamar Crain
Jacqueline Leybaert

Your Child's Hearing Loss: A Guide for Parents

First Edition

Debby Waldman
Jackson Roush

Early Development of Children with Hearing Loss

First Edition

Susan Nittrouer