Medical Speech-Language Pathology Across the Care Continuum: An Introduction

First Edition

Alex F. Johnson, Barbara H. Jacobson, Megan E. Schliep, Bridget J. Perry

Details: 378 pages, Full Color, Softcover, 7" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-268-8

© 2024 | Available

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This exciting new text offers a comprehensive, engaging, and readable overview to the dynamic field of medical speech-language pathology. It is the first medical speech-language pathology textbook that is not focused on the various disorders, but instead examines the scope and key concepts of the profession, such as clinical reasoning, interprofessional practice, and the continuum of care. The book provides an in-depth overview of health care workplace settings (acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, outpatient care, pediatric service delivery, pharmacology, and neuroimaging).

The text also includes numerous case studies that instructors and students can use to explore application of both clinical- and setting-specific principles as a primer for practice in “the real world.”

Key Features

  • Chapters are authored by respected experts within both academia and medical speech-language pathology
  • Numerous figures, tables, and photos enhance readers’ visual learning experience 
  • Boxed focal points highlight areas of emphasis, special practice considerations, competencies, and cases
  • Case studies, where students are introduced to patient assessment, treatment, and management examples across the care continuum 
  • An Appendix listing common medical test procedures and reference values. 
  • PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors

Medical Speech-Language Pathology Across the Care Continuum: An Introduction is also helpful for speech-language pathologists transitioning from a school-based or private practice setting into health care.

About the Authors


Chapter 1. Medical Speech-Language Pathology: Key Concepts
Alex F. Johnson

Chapter 2. Acute Care Medical Settings

Bridget J. Perry and Barbara H. Jacobson

Chapter 3. Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Julia R.W. Haffer and Megan E. Schliep

Chapter 4. Skilled Nursing Facilities

Mary L. Casper

Chapter 5. Speech-Language Pathology Services in Home Health Care Settings

Megan L. Malone and Jennifer Loehr

Chapter 6. Outpatient Care & Ongoing Therapy Services in Health Settings

Minal Kadam, Megan E. Schliep, and Alex F. Johnson

Chapter 7. Pediatric Medical Speech-Language Pathology

Kaitlyn Johnston Minchin

Chapter 8. Pharmacology in Medical Speech-Language Pathology

Abigail Burka

Chapter 9. Neuroimaging for Speech-Language Pathologists

Erin L. Meier and Jeffrey P. Johnson

Chapter 10. The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists Across Systems – Case Studies in Care

Zachary Smith

Appendix A

Alex F. Johnson

Alex F. Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Honors,  served as Provost at the MGH Institute (Boston, MA) for 14 years.  Prior to that he served as department chair at Wayne State University.  In 1998, Johnson launched the Division of Speech-Language Sciences and Disorders at the Henry Ford Medical Center i(Department of Neurology) in Detroit, MI.  Johnson’s academic interests have focused on medical speech-language pathology and neurologic communication disorders.  He has been involved in the development of widely used outcome measures in voice and swallowing disorders and communication quality.   He co-edited (with Barbara Jacobson), Medical Speech-Language Pathology: A Practitioner’s Guide, now in its 3rd edition.   Johnson is an ASHA Fellow, has received the Honors of ASHA and NSSLHA, and is a Distinguished Scholar in the National Academies of Practice. 

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Barbara H. Jacobson

Dr. Barbara Jacobson served as Associate Professor at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center for 9 years working in medical speech-language pathology administration, clinical education, and as a clinician in acute care. Prior to that, she was Associate Professor in the Vanderbilt Voice Center. She was a senior staff speech-language pathologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI from 1988 to 2003 where she established a Voice Production Laboratory. Her clinical and research interests are in functional and patient-reported outcomes, medical speech language pathology, and neurogenic voice disorders. She is co-editor (with Alex Johnson) of Medical Speech Language Pathology, 3rd ed. She is a co-author of the Voice Handicap Index (1997) and Dysphagia Handicap Index (2012). She is an ASHA Fellow. 

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Megan E. Schliep

Megan E. Schliep, PhD, CCC-SLP, MPH, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA. She also holds a clinical appointment as a speech-language pathologist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA. Her research focuses on post-stroke aphasia and explores the implementation of standardized assessment practices across the care continuum and identification of clinical predictors to inform recovery trajectory, with a focus on interdisciplinary research-practice partnerships.

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Bridget J. Perry

Bridget J. Perry, PhD, CCC-SLP, is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and the program director of the Clinical Doctorate in Speech Language Pathology program at MGH Institute of Health Professions. Her research is focused on improving patient-centered management of swallowing and speech impairments for patients diagnosed with serious illness through the use of novel assessment and intervention methodologies.

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