Waardenburg Syndrome

First Edition

Alice Kahn

Atlas of Otoscopy.

First Edition

Joseph B. Touma
B. Joseph Touma

School Professionals Working with Children with Cochlear Implants

First Edition

Patricia M. Chute
Mary Ellen Nevins

Listen to This: An Auditory-Verbal Therapy DVD and Guidebook for Professionals and Parents, Volume 2

First Edition

Warren Estabrooks
Karen MacIver-Lux
Lisa Katz
Maria Emilia De Melo

Odyssey of the Voice

First Edition

Jean Abitbol


First Edition

Joseph S. Kalinowski
Tim Saltuklaroglu

Ethics: A Case Study from Fluency

First Edition

Robert Goldfarb

Phonetics: Principles and Practices

Third Edition

Sadanand Singh

Multi-Layered Transcription

First Edition

Nicole Müller

We Learned to Listen

First Edition

Warren Estabrooks

Classic Aphasia Therapy Stimuli Kit

First Edition

Paul Fogle
Linda J. Reece

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