Voice Science

Second Edition

Robert T. Sataloff

Speech and Voice Science

Third Edition

Alison Behrman

Clinical Decision Making in Fluency Disorders

Fourth Edition

Walter H. Manning
Anthony DiLollo

Pediatric Amplification: Enhancing Auditory Access

First Edition

Ryan W. McCreery
Elizabeth A. Walker

Communication Disorders in Aging

First Edition

Raymond H. Hull

Clinical Workbook for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

First Edition

Robert Kraemer
Jacqueline Bryla

Voice Disorders

Third Edition

Christine Sapienza
Bari Hoffman Ruddy

Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids: Selection, Fitting, and Verification

First Edition

Todd A. Ricketts
Ruth Bentler
H. Gustav Mueller

Clinical Management of Swallowing Disorders

Fourth Edition

Thomas Murry
Ricardo L. Carrau
Karen Chan

Foundations of Speech and Hearing: Anatomy and Physiology

First Edition

Jeannette D. Hoit
Gary Weismer