Audiology Services in Diverse Communities

First Edition

Alejandra Ullauri

Details: 175 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-651-8

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Release Date: 09/30/2021

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As the population in the U.S. becomes more diverse, healthcare professionals have a responsibility to adapt their services to meet the needs of the diverse populations they serve. However, many providers lack access to the appropriate resources to provide high quality care to their Spanish-speaking patients. Audiology Services in Diverse Communities is a professional resource designed to decrease language barriers, improve patient-clinician interactions, and create more culturally competent hearing services.

Written by a clinician for clinicians working on daily basis with minority communities experiencing existing systemic barriers, this unique text begins with an overview of cultural competence and the barriers that exist in Audiology services. The next section provides an evidence-based, cross-cultural approach to addressing some of those barriers and generating a discussion of what professionals can do in their own clinical settings. The final, and largest, section of the text is a language tool presented in both English and Spanish to aid clinicians as they communicate and work with Spanish-speaking patients.

Key Features

  • The only book that provides clinicians with a compilation of resources, in English and Spanish, ready to use in clinic
  • More than 25 resources such as clinical history forms, test instructions, standardized questionnaires, self-assessment tools available in English and Spanish to help clinicians provide with language concordance during clinical encounters.
  • Evidence-based ideas that can help clinicians assess, develop, implement, and monitor cultural-competent services
  • A unique format that allows clinicians to visualize English resources on the left side and Spanish resources on the right-side, facilitating communication between patient and clinician





Part I. Audiology Services in Diverse Communities

Chapter 1. Culturally Competent Health Services: An Ongoing Journey                             

Chapter 2. Barriers to Culturally Competent Audiology Services: Latino/Hispanic Perspective      

Chapter 3. Cross-Cultural Training Approach to Address Barriers: Beyond Provider Training


Part II. Language Tool: Audiology Services in English and Spanish

Chapter 4. Anatomy Graph

Chapter 5. Clinical History for Pediatric and Adult Cases

Chapter 6. Test Description and Instructions for Hearing Tests

Speech Audiometry Test Recommendations
Patient Education: Test Results Summary Sheets

Chapter 7. Hearing Technology Description/Chart

Hearing Aid Evaluation Description
Taking Impressions
Hearing Aid Fitting and Verification
Hearing Aid Follow Up and Validation

Chapter 8. Cochlear Implant Assessment

Cochlear Implant Assessment: Hearing Aid History, Assessment Description
Speech Perception Test Battery: Pediatric and Adults
Patient Education: Cochlear Implant Referral Summary


Alejandra Ullauri

Alejandra Ullauri, AuD, MPH is a bilingual, board-certified audiologist and the Director of Chicago Hearing Care, a private practice providing bilingual audiological services. Dr. Ullauri is also an expert consultant in pediatric audiology and evidence-based hearing screening methods at the National Center of Health, Behavioral Health, and Safety. Dr. Ullauri’s interest in public health started as an audiology student working with Australian Aboriginal children that were experiencing the effects of hearing loss due to chronic middle ear pathology. Since then, she has led and supported initiatives that focus on improving hearing services in underserved communities. In 2006, Dr. Ullauri founded a cochlear implant program in Ecuador, and in 2009 she led the first study of prevalence of ear and hearing disorders in the country and the Latin-American region following the WHO Ear and Hearing Survey protocol and sponsored by CBM and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She currently serves as an audiology instructor at the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss, as a board member and chair of the Spanish committee at Illinois Hands & Voices, and as Vice-president of the board of directors at Child’s Voice.

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