Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes

Second Edition

Elizabeth C. Ward, Corina J. van As-Brooks

Details: 640 pages, Full Color, eBook

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-659-9

© 2014 | Available

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This second edition of Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes, encompasses the most recent evidence relating to head and neck cancer, its management, and its rehabilitation from a multidisciplinary perspective. Every chapter has been updated and enhanced, and five new chapters have been added that examine tracheostomy management, dietetic and nutritional support, technology assisted rehabilitation, survivorship, as well as factors influencing rehabilitation including lymphedema, fatigue, and depression. Chapter content is illuminated with clinical images, illustrations, case studies, and video examples on an accompanying DVD.

Written by a team of internationally recognized experts from the medical and allied health communities, this text addresses core issues related to patient management, recovery, and outcomes following surgical and nonsurgical treatment. It also provides theoretical and clinical knowledge for therapists managing head and neck cancer patients and describes key concepts of patient care at a level suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students. With expanded coverage of current theory and clinical practice, Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes, Second Edition, continues to be an essential textbook and clinical reference for the head and neck cancer rehabilitation team.

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"With the second edition of this book an updated and comprehensive review is given on treatment, rehabilitation and outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer. The book has been edited and written by two experienced speech and language pathologists and includes several contributions by international experts with different professional backgrounds. Its content covers all aspects of assessment and treatment outcomes with particular emphasis on multidisciplinary management and international perspectives. 

The new edition has twenty chapters including five new chapters. Most chapters are aimed at allied health professionals, presenting clear overviews of different aspects in the field of head and neck cancer. The book contains an introduction to oncological and medical treatment options including radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Although these chapters may not necessarily add to physicians' clinical or content knowledge, this part of the book is deemed essential to allied health professionals in developing a better understanding of the concept of multidisciplinary interventions for people with head and neck cancer. The book includes information on the impact of head and neck cancer on quality of life and provides practical strategies on stoma care and appliances. The treatments of swallowing and voice conditions are covered, in addition to the rehabilitation of olfaction, taste and pulmonary function. 

A special chapter is dedicated to patient support and survivorship following treatment, which is a valuable addition to the new edition. The chapter on dietetic and nutrition interventions is a necessary and informative supplement. The more technical chapter on the indications for a tracheostomy and its management in this particular population will assist many clinicians to gain a better insight into these matters. New developments in technology and telehealth are used as an exemplar of how technology and health care can be integrated. Last but not least, international perspectives on the management of head and neck cancer are discussed in a final chapter. 

The book comes with a DVD to supplement eight of the twenty chapters. The DVD includes audio files, video footage and endoscopic and videofluoroscopic recordings of swallowing (FEES and MBS), which is a valuable resource for both clinicians and teaching academics alike. 

Overall, the book covers essential contemporary and seminal work in the area of head and neck cancer treatment, underscoring its usefulness as a clinical resource and an essential reading for both clinicians and students. The illustrations and pictures add to a better understanding of the content covered in each chapter. 

In summary, this book provides a complete and updated overview of treatments and outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer from a multidisciplinary perspective. This book is a valuable evidence-based resource, for many professionals working in the field of head and neck oncology."

A/Prof Renee Speyer, PhD, James Cook University, Speech Pathology, Australia (2014)


Chapter 1: Cancer of the Head and Neck
Chapter 2: Evaluating the Impact of Cancer of the Head and Neck
Chapter 3: Radiation and Chemotherapy
Chapter 4: Oral, Oropharyngeal, and Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Intervention Approaches
Chapter 5: Speech and Swallowing Following Oral, Oropharyngeal, and Nasopharyngeal Cancers
Chapter 6: Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer: Intervention Approaches
Chapter 7: Speech and Swallowing Following Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer
Chapter 8: Management of the Patient With a Tracheostomy
Chapter 9: Nonsurgical Voice Restoration Following Total Laryngectomy
Chapter 10: Prosthetic Tracheosophageal Voice Restoration Follwoing Total Laryngectomy
Chapter 11: Swallowing Rehabilitation Following Total Laryngectomy
Chapter 12: Stoma Care and Appliances
Chapter 13: Pulmonary Function and Rehabilitation
Chapter 14: Rehabilitation of Olfaction and Taste Following Total Laryngectomy
Chapter 15: Patient Support and Multidisciplinary Management
Chapter 16: Nutrition Intervention in Head and Neck Cancer
Chapter 17: Associated Morbidities Affecting Quality of Life in Patients Treated with Head and Neck Cancer
Chapter 18: Managing Survivorship: Issues for the Patient and Carer
Chapter 19: Supporting Head and Neck Cancer Management: Use of Technology
Chapter 20: Management of Head and Neck Cancer: An International Perspective

DVD Contents
Chapter 5: Speech and Swallowing Following Oral, Oropharyngeal, and Nasopharyngeal Cancers

-Conversational Speech — Oral cancer patient
-Tongue Range of Motion

-Partial Tongue Resection
-ChemoRT Example 1
-ChemoRT Example 2
-Post Chemoradiotherapy — Aspiration
-Double Swallow with Breath Hold

Chapter 7: Speech and Swallowing Following Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer

-Hemilaryngectomy — sustained vowel
-Hemilaryngectomy — connected speech
-Supracricoid — sustained vowel
-Supracricoid — connected speech

-Daily Exercises
-MBS Feedback
-Oral Care

-FEES: Supraglottic swallow
-Dysphagia post XRT
-Dysphagia following surgery and Post Op ORT
-Dysphagia post Chemoradiotherapy
-Laser 4 days post
-Laser 4 weeks post
-Supraglottic MBS with Aspiration
-Supraglottic FEES assessment
-Supracricoid MBS at 8 weeks
-Supracricoid FEES at 10 weeks — aspiration saliva
-Supracricoid MBS at 12 weeks
-Supracricoid Voice

Chapter 9: Nonsurgical Voice Restoration Following Total Laryngectomy Inhalation Method

-Consonant Injection Method
-Press Maneuver
-Esophageal Speaker Demos for Education
-Indirect Instruction
-Pneumatic Artificial Larynx
-Neck Type EL Users
-Intra-oral EL Users
-Other EL Devices
-EL Placement
-Generating Strong Bursts and Frication
-Voiced-Voiceless Contrasts
-Intonation with an EL
-Word Stress with an EL

Chapter 10: Prosthetic Tracheoesophageal Voice Restoration Following Total Laryngectomy

-Male tracheoesophageal speaker
-Female tracheoesophageal speaker
-TE speech post jejuna reconstruction sample 1, 2, and 3
-Stoma noise

-Cutting the Sternal Heads
-Retrograde Insertion
-Inserting Blom Singer Indwelling Prosthesis
-Measurement of TEP Provox
-Insertion of Dilator
-Provox NID Loading
-Provox NID Placement
-Provox ®2 Loading
-Provox®x2 Placement
-Provox Vega® Loading and Placement
-Function of prosthesis: swallow
-Function of the prosthesis: voice
-Learning Finger Occlusion
-Head position and voice change
-Leak through prosthesis — water
-Leak through prosthesis — saliva
-Underpressure Swallow
-Underpressure Inhalation
-Manipulation of the neoglottis and resonance, sequence of 5
-Digital Pressure applied to the neck

Chapter 11: Swallowing Rehabilitation Following Total Laryngectomy

-Laryngectomy — narrow pharyngeal
-Pharyngaloryngectomy — obstruction
-Pharyngaloryngectomy — graft occasionally closed
-Laryngectomy — using head tilt
-Laryngectomy — pharyngeal pouch and C4-5 narrowing
-Laryngectomy — posterior pharyngeal wall prominence
-Case Study — Pre treatment
-Case Study — Post treatment

Chapter 12: Stoma Care

-Cleaning the Stoma
-Tracheostoma Tube and HME
-Cleaning the Tracheostoma Tube
-Tracheostoma Button and HME
-Preparing Neck and Attaching Baseplate
-Adhesive Disk and Plastic Housing
-Repairing Seal

Chapter 14: Rehabilitation Of Olfaction And Taste Following Total Laryngectomy

-Laryngeal Bypass
-Learning NAIM
-Frog Breathing
-Functional Odor Identification

Chapter 15: Patient Support And Multidisciplinary Management

-Shock and Adjustment
-Coming Home
-First Reactions
-Biggest Worry
-Family Emotions
-Asking Questions
-Life Since Laryngectomy
-Laryngectomy Support Visitor
-Laryngectomy Support Group
-Managing Dysphagia
-Two Voices
-Chocolate Thickshake
-Adjusting to changes

Elizabeth C. Ward

Elizabeth C. Ward, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Division of Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland, Australia. She has published extensively in books and peer-reviewed journals and has received numerous research and teaching awards. Liz holds competitive grant funding across a number of research fields including telehealth, head and neck surgery, motor speech disorders and dysphagia. She has a second publication with Plural Publishing titled “Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment Rehabilitation and Outcomes”, published in 2007. Her research has a clinical focus: with particular emphasis on projects designed to improve speech and swallowing outcomes in a broad range of surgical and neurogenic populations.

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Corina J. van As-Brooks

Corina J. van As-Brooks is a Speech Language Pathologist and Phonetic Scientist. She has specialized in rehabilitation and research of voice, speech, swallowing, and olfaction in head and neck cancer patients and has published and lectured internationally in this area. She is currently a Researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, a Guest Researcher at the Institute of Phonetic Sciences (both in Amsterdam, the Netherlands), and a Clinical Research Manager at Atos Medical (Hörby, Sweden).

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