Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus

First Edition

Eldré W. Beukes
Gerhard Andersson
Vinaya Manchaiah
Viktor Kaldo

Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids

Third Edition

Brian Taylor
H. Gustav Mueller

Behavior Management: Systems, Classrooms, and Individuals

First Edition

Jennifer D. Walker
Colleen Barry

Language Disorders in Bilingual Children and Adults

Third Edition

Kathryn Kohnert
Kerry Danahy Ebert
Giang Thuy Pham

Non-Laryngeal Cancer and Voice

First Edition

Abdul-Latif Hamdan
Robert T. Sataloff
Mary J. Hawkshaw

Psychology of Voice Disorders

Second Edition

Deborah Caputo Rosen
Johnathan Brandon Sataloff
Robert T. Sataloff

What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body

Fourth Edition

Melissa Malde
MaryJean Allen
Kurt-Alexander Zeller

Auditory-Verbal Therapy: Science, Research, and Practice

First Edition

Warren Estabrooks
Helen McCaffrey Morrison
Karen MacIver-Lux

A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology.

Fourth Edition

Trici Schraeder
Courtney Seidel

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